Thursday, August 8, 2013

In praise of condiments (PM)

America's ability to harness the power of condiments really is one of the great things about America. It sounds frivolous but it's not, it's true. Condiments' raison d'etre is to make things more delicious. To jack up the flavour of this or that, according to the eater's preferences. Who wouldn't want that? Australia, apparently. Seriously, catch up Australia!
I like how at diners and cafes they usually have salt, pepper and a range of condiments on the table, and you know what that says to me? It says "we want you to find what you're eating delicious, and we recognise that sometimes that might take a little extra, so here's a little something extra".
It's a great nation that can recognise that people just want to have a delicious time, and can help them do that through wide availability of condiments. I very great nation.
But, you're talking to someone who has so many condiments in their fridge sometimes it's hard to find room for actual food. So yeah, I'm in praise of condiments. You bet you're life I am.

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