Sunday, August 25, 2013

Hard truths (AM)

It dawned on me this morning that it's almost the end of winter. There are just a few short days to go. 
Seriously, the days are getting longer, so there's literally only a few short days to go. When I realised this I immediately thought gee, winter wasn't so bad. Sure, there were some super cold days, but it hasn't been a daily battle for survival like some winters are. 
I started to think that perhaps I'm getting tougher, but had this nagging feeling that I was forgetting something. Like the 6 weeks I spent drinking beer and swimming in lakes in a northern summer while winter was sinking its icy cold fangs in to my home town.  So no, I'm not getting tougher. I'm just basically half way through winter. 
But you know what you guys? Though I'm not getting tougher, nor am I getting (more) stupid. Even though winter is technically over, believe me when I tell you that September is a cold and inhospitable month, and the month when the real damage gets done. You think it's going to get warmer and it doesn't and so you feel both cold AND betrayed by nature. It's a rough time. So at the risk of sounding like a negative nelly, don't believe the BOM when they say it's going to be 19 and mostly sunny today. And most of this week. 
The hell it is. 

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