Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Best things (AM)

Yesterday I was lamenting the fact that Miss Soft Crab doesn’t celebrate best things anymore. Or at least I had the feeling we didn’t it. It turns out we do it all the time. Condiments! Warm things! Ewan! You know what I love about best things? It can be anything. Yesterday as I was thinking this, I was on my lunch break eating a lentil wrap at The Social Studio. It’s not like it was amazing or anything (what is?) but I was just really enjoying it. It was basically a warm lentil, vegetabley curry thing wrapped in pita bread and toasted. But the cafe was so warm and the crunch of pita so nice and the spicy salty mush of the lentils so tasty and comforting I just thought, ‘BEST THING!’ In some ways it wasn’t at all, and in other ways it was exactly a best thing. Just a happy-making surprise lunch.

I guess I was primed to really enjoy my lunch, having finally found a pair of tracksuit pants that were both fleecy and not super ugly and not too overpriced thanks to a 40% sale at TSL.  Of course, I was also hating on the world a bit because the pants are men’s pants, with Bonds still refusing to bring out a fleece pant for ladies, as if women don’t want to be warm. Are you imbeciles? Have you ever spoken to a man or a woman, Bonds? Men notoriously run hotter than women. We need the fleece! WE need the fleece! Anyway, I guess the promise of getting wrapped in fleece last night helped keep my hatred of the patriarchy at bay and I could just think about much I loved best things.

Then last night when I got home and put those tracksuit pants on I knew I really did have another best thing. You can call me crazy but I think these tracksuit pants are cute. Of course we always think what we love is cute though, I guess. They are warm and grey and great, and without a doubt they are best things, but what I am just really loving is best things. You know, if you just think about how good things are you really feel good about stuff, 'cause, you know, things are good. Especially once you trackie prayers are answered.


  1. All I've ever wanted from tracksuit pants is warmth and elegance!