Thursday, August 29, 2013

Reflections on a visit to Hoyts (AM)

Pressure much?

When I was little I used to go to the Hoyts at Chadstone all the time to see movies. Back then movies cost $7.50 and you could get a bag of mixed lollies for about 50 cents from the Milk Bar on Trevelyan Street, which was on the way to the bus stop which took you all the way to Chadstone. Or was it Hartington Street? I can't remember. Nor can I remember if those prices are accurate. Nor can I put my finger on when exactly I started becoming someone who says "back then,..." but all those things are written here so they must be true.
Last night, I went to Hoyts Melbourne Central to see Elysium starring Jason Bourne who seems to be flourishing in his new career as 'movie star'.
These days, movies cost $22 a pop. Is it just me or is that kind of a lot of money? You could clothe a family of five at Rivers for less than that.
Also, these days, they have a thing at Hoyts called Xtremescreen, described on the webbie as follows:

Xtremescreen is the full audio visual BIG SCREEN eXperience!  Its entertainment at it's BIGGEST and LOUDEST!

Big Screen Experience – enjoy the sights and sounds of the latest release films...on a massive scale! Xtremescreen boasts the largest screen within the complex. There is no better sound experience at Hoyts!

With 10,000 watts driving a state of the art Dolby 8 Channel surround EX sound system and a massive screen, you’ll be blown away! 

When size and sound matters, there’s only one choice... Xtremescreen!

Wow. That is a big wrap.
At first I couldn't believe that I had been missing out on the fill audio visual big screen experience all these years. But then when I took my $22 seat in Cinema 10 I realised the joke was on them. Or me? I don't know, someone. Xtremescreen is basically just a big screen, not that significantly different from a regular screen. It's like Premium Economy, which is to say, bullshit.

Anyway, the good news is the film was not terrible! I only rolled my eyes the normal amount of times and I didn't slap my forehead once! And my choc top was delicious and I only smeared a little bit of chocolate on my face and clothes which is a definite plus for me.
So maybe go see it at the Nova on cheap Monday. And just pick yourselves up a choctop from Melbourne Central Hoyts next time you're in town.

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