Monday, August 5, 2013

I went to LA (PM)

I have been to LA heaps in my entertainment life (as in, watching movies and TV) but never in my real life, so my perception is still a little stuck between 90210 and Boyz n the Hood.
I'm glad to hear that there's a bit of greenery and a bit of desert though. I like a country that has very different landscapes side by side, like a piece of top deck.
But I still have a lot of questions. Most of all, I would like to know where 'the valley' is. In the TV shows and the movies, people are always referring to 'the valley' like it's miles away and kind of not really LA, and living there is a personal failing. I imagine it being kind of like Caroline Springs or something. Really big houses and stuff but you know, it's Caroline Springs.
But now that I know LA is such a massive place with so many empty streets, I wonder how you could tell the valley from everywhere else. Maybe you guys drove right through it and didn't even know!

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