Monday, August 12, 2013

Hot in 2013 (AM)

Fairly recently, I went through a period where I was overwhelmed by the desire to get a dog. You guys remember, I talked about it a fair bit. I very seriously considered getting one, but eventually decided that it wasn't the right time. My house is too small and my hours too variable to give a pooch a good life. I decided to put the dream aside for a while.
During this period I spent a lot of time gazing longingly at the dogs I saw on the street, wondering what it would be like if they were mine.  Was it a bit creepy? Sure. You probably wouldn't have wanted to be a dog in Melbourne for a while there, not if you don't like being stared at.  But it made me realise a few things. 
It made me realise that if you are a resident of the inner north walking a dog in 2012 and that dog is not a staffy, it is probably an Italian Greyhound or a Boston Terrier. They were the must-have pooch of 2012. Every second person had one! I figured that dogs can be on-trend, like single origin coffee and ancient grains. And unlike single origin coffee and ancient grains which I want no part of, it kind of made me realise that when it comes to dog trends, I am totally susceptible.  I mean, I've never really known an italian greyhound or a boston terrier personally and yet, I wanted both in 2012.

Anyway, now it's 2013 and I can't help but notice that there's a new on-trend breed on the streets of the inner-north.

These guys:

The Afghan Hound. 

I keep seeing them around, and I'm pretty sure I didn't see any during the dog-lust days of 2012. So it must be a new thing. Not for J, I might add. She has always loved the Afghan and if LB wasn't such a big red fan, I'm pretty sure they would have had one to call their own by now.

They're a very impressive looking dog. They move around very gracefully. But sometimes they look very goofy, as this guy so beautifully illustrates...

Hai guyz!

It's an appealing combination. And they also make very cute puppies.

I kind of want one. Or at least, I want to get to know one.
Mate? Are you interested?

PS: We talk about dogs quite a lot on MSC. Why not reacquaint yourselves with all our doggy talk right here. Note that the only dog referred to in some of the posts tagged 'dogs' is Snoop. 

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