Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Probably my favourite lentil accompaniment

Shit. I want to eat the shit out of those lentils. They sound so good. You know what else is good? A little trick I picked up from Stephanie. And then betterfied all by myself by accident.

You see this one time I was making her dahl recipe. She suggests that you fry oil and cumin seeds in a fry pan and then pour that over the dahl. But also fry onions until dark and serve that on the lentils too. YUM right? So anyway this one time I was doing all that but I was making something of an Indian feast so the cumin and onions were ready before anything else, but I thought it would be nice to keep them warmish so I put them all in a little bowl tucked to one side of the griller where I was grilling some tandoori mushrooms thinking it would keep the cumin and onions warm without doing any cooking. But Mate! I was wrong. And in the best way. The heat from the grill gave the onions AND the cumin seeds this beautiful crunchy caramelly extra deliciousness. Mate, you should do this TONIGHT!

Meanwhile, sure sounds like a nice afternoon, just you and Don Draper. I want to watch more Mad Men, but LB only gets into comedies. But he did get into Dexter. Maybe if I can just show him Mad Men he will come around. Sadly I think the lure of the Hammster won't be a draw card. Usually I just have to pretend there are no handsome men in a show, but then, sometimes it slips out that the man is handsome and LB is all "WTF?! Is that why we are watching this?" and I am all "No ways!"

To finish of this post I thought it would be nice to try and find a picture of Michael C Hall and the Hammster together. And then post it. I could not find such a picture. I guess unsurprisingly. But my search did bring up this. I have no idea why, but I still thought it would be a nice end to the MSC day.

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