Thursday, April 21, 2011

Not as good as yesterday

Mate, your things are so nice. Starting with your dinner last night! Obviously I don't dig on roast beef, rare or otherwise, but roast potatoes! Beetroot and goats cheese salad! Horseradish sauce! Break me of a piece of that! YUM! I actually had a nice dinner too. I made super garlicy garlic bread and pasta with small cubes of roast eggplant and cherry toms all mixed through with some ajvar and superhot ajvar. It was actually delicious.

I am jealous of your relationship with your local produce providers. The butchers in my neighbourhood never respect me because obviously I only go in to buy food for Doggy and I buy the cheapest thing they have. So I guess our relationships are never going to go anywhere. But I felt like the guy in the fruit shop the other day really made an effort to say "have a nice day" to me. You know. I was all packed up and on my way, but he really kind of said it like he wanted me to have a nice day. Or at least hear that he'd said it. I guess it wasn't as moving as the interaction you had last night.

Anyways, you have some nice things in your kitchen. I can undertand your love of all those things you showed me. Especially the flowered pot. What a great size. And a great flower motif, that would remind anyone of their grandma (right?) and so nice that you have it because your grandma shopped at CNW for you rather than the more convenient Tuckerbag! I also understand your childhood love of goods in excahange for tokens. To me, in my childhood, I think I also saw this as something magical, and definitely something that happened in other people's houses, like white bread or mini packs of chips in your school lunch.

I have some nice things in the kitchen, but sadly I recently lost one of my favourite pots. It was basically this pot:

I have to use a tiny image from the internet because sadly I never took a photo of my special little guy. The other day I was putting it away and the lip hit something and broke. I couldn't throw it out for days. It just sat on my kitchen bench until I eventually had mourned it long enough and needed the kitchen bench space back in earnest. It was a great little pot. I bought it for $3 from an op shop in Geelong. I remember the price so well because it was years before I bothered to wash off the price which was written on it in semi-permanent marker. I guess it was a bit like your little pot, perfect for one person pasta sauces, 2 serves of porridge. God, I miss that little bastard.

But I still have some great pots.

Like these guys:

The bigger one at the back doesn't have a handle. But it is enamelled and so useful. Plus I bought it from an op shop in Kempsey on one of my first camping trips with LB many years ago, so it has nice associations. The reality is though, cooking with a saucepan with no handle sucks balls. But how about those other orange beauties. A Le Creuset frying pan and a little baby that makes one perfect porridge serve, melts butter good, and is also great for some other reasons. One or both of these came from a share house after all the original house mates moved out and I thought surely no-one would begrudge me expanding my orange empire.

And this:

My most grown-up pot. It was a Christmas present from LB's mother last year. It is great because it is huge and the stainless steel is so strong and stainless. I love it so much and sometimes make meals just so I have an excuse to use it. I hope I get a chance to use it over this 5-day weekend. And thank god for this 5-day weekend. Starting bloggy is practically like starting a new job - Thank Christ we get a reasonable break now.

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