Thursday, April 28, 2011

New York Chippy

Believe me when I tell you Mate, I plan to act on each and every one of those recommendations. Thank you very much. I have already acted on one, by looking at the Brother Kane testimonials. What a pack of weirdos. I can't tell you how incredible a chip would have to be for me to want to write to the manufacturer. Having said that, I'll keep eating chips, just in case I find one that is precisely that incredible.

So speaking of food (like I need to take this rare opportunity that we are speaking about food to raise this point...) Mum, Uncle Gary and I have been invited to my second cousin Robyn's house in Long Island for a BBQ on 7 May. Robyn and I have never met, but we are friends on facie and she looks like a real all-American girl. I don't want to invade her privacy by stealing one of her actual photos, so here is a picture of a lady who looks kind of like her:

Actually, that's Farrah Fawcett. Who coincidentally died the last time I was in NYC. But she does kind of look like Robyn. Pretty, right?

Anyway, she emailed me to ask if there was any food I was particularly looking forward to eating when in America. Isn't that a great question? I wanted to say all the food, Robyn! All the food!
But I've never met her and thought it might be inappropriate. In the end I said a whole bunch of things about how I would be happy to eat whatever she served up (which is totally true), but I do tend to associate American BBQs with smokey ribs. Do you think I should have shut up after the first part? It's just that I was worried that it might be my only shot to have BBQ ribs and you know how I love meat on a bone.

I also want to eat grits, but I don't think you serve them at a BBQ. I think they are a breakfast food akin to porridge, but also kind of like polenta. Doesn't that sound fantastic?
I can't wait for this holiday.

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