Wednesday, April 27, 2011

At the risk of talking of nothing but food…

Please remember to eat the following when in NYC:

Apple cider donuts. If you can find them. I was so lucky; hungry and cold and walking past the green market at Union Square one day I just thought I’d have a closer look at what was on offer at the various stalls. And then there on the table of an innocent looking apple stall I saw apple cider donuts. I’d been thinking for a long time about making them after seeing this recipe. (Shit, just looking at that page for 2 seconds when I went to get that link has made me wonder why the hells I am not eating that doughie right now!) And then I bought them. And then they were everything I’d imagined. Maybe more. These were actually the only sweet treat I ate in USA that were not super sweet. The only sweet I truly and thoroughly enjoyed. I will cross my fingers for you mate, so that you too can find an apple cider donut.

A Shake Shack burger.

Oh, fuck, the other day I was thinking about these and I practically became frenzied trying to figure out how to make the cheese-stuffed portobello mushroom from the SS ‘shroom burger and (also the shack stack for meat eaters). These are so good. Even this guy knows it.

You should probably get a shake there too. Even though they were way too sweet for my tastes, and I was there in the middle of freezing February, and twice when we ate at SS we had to sit outside (at the outdoor only Manhattan Square Park location), I bought a shake every time. It’s the way they talk about the shakes and ice cream on the website. It was freaking intoxicating. Lucky for you I think they may have changed their website since then.

And jalapeño chips of course. In preferential order from best to worst:

These had a special tanginess that made them different to all other jalapeño chips.

These had a pure deliciousness and jalapeñoness that remains special to my heart.

These ones were also delicious.

These last ones are Dirty brand.

Do you wonder why someone would call there chip brand dirty? I do. I guess it is meant to have some kind of hilarious hard core appeal. I don’t get it. Also they are shit.

And try hot sauce flavour if you get a chance.

But, Mate, if you don't believe me about how delicious these Brother Kane hot sauce chips are here are some testimonials.

Wow, it sure sounds like I ate a lot of shit while I was in NYC. Well, I guess I did. But I also ate some good stuff. But mostly I cooked that for myself. Or bought salad from Whole Foods or had a perfectly good sandwich at some perfectly good sandwich joint. But you don’t need my help to find that stuff.

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