Monday, June 15, 2015

Miss Soft Crab assorted (PM)

Maxi pads in all the toilets! Wow! That's private healthcare for you!

You know what I'm thinking about nearly non-stop?! This blush-coloured Cheap Monday coat I picked up for $50 on the weekend.

It's true that I was already pretty well sorted for coats. And it's true that I don't believe you should buy something just because it is on mega sale. But it is also true that I am so attracted to this colour at the moment I could not resist. It's also true that just because I believe that thing about not buying things just because they are on mega sale doesn't mean I can always live by it. Finally, and perhaps truest of all is that I love to be warm and my passion for wearing doonas in public is second only to my passion for hot chips. And hunks. And sweet clothes. So now I am the delighted owner of a long pink puffer. 

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