Monday, June 15, 2015

Miss Soft Crab assorted (AM)

Yesterday I went on a tour of the hospital where I am going to have the baby. Because I am going to have a baby soon, I had to go to the toilet a couple of times during the 45 minute tour. 

All the toilets have these in them, next to to toilet paper. 

Maxi pads. Maxi pads galore. I'm anticipating that it's going to be a pretty leaky time. 

Speaking of bodies, mine doesn't understand how to work with gloves. By rights, When I put gloves over my cold hands, they should warm up.  That's what happens when I put a jumper on over my cold torso. Not so with gloves. My hands stay just as cold, only covered in glove. My body has not got with the program at all, and it needs to. 

My final thought for the day (seriously, after this I'm having no more thoughts) is that a large part of the reason I exercise before work is that I get to feel smug all day for exercising before work. I'm not happy about being so shallow, but it's the truth. Some mornings, however, there is a really nice sunrise and I get to see it. On those days I feel glad that there is another reason.

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