Thursday, June 11, 2015

Hot (AM)

I think it is probably true of most people that although one may like to think one is open-minded, one probably has to make a bit of effort to see things from another person's perspective. It's not that I am opposed to other people's perspective at all or think that I am always right and no one else is. It's just that I see the world the way I see it and I have to remind myself that not everyone sees it that way. Like often when I hear people are getting married I think, "Why?" LB and I have talked about getting married but I guess we never really saw the point so it always surprises me when people do. Certain people, obvs some people seem totes the marrying kind. When close male friends actually have all-male bucks nights, it's not that I am offended - seriously I'm not at all - just shocked people roll like that.

So it was pretty shocking to me last night when I Googled "hotties" and a page full of semi-naked ladies hit my Google screen.

Here's what happened: I wanted to write a post about how much I am loving hot water bottles right now. I was going to call it "In praise of hotties" and thought it would be hilariously misleading and in the true spirit of Miss Soft Crab to start the post with a picture of a hunk and then actually thought that by simply typing "hotties" into Google I would be gifted by the internet gods a bunch of pictures of Ewan McGregor and Jon Hamm or something. As if the male gaze is not the determinant of the world and the internet. Wow, it was actually kind of blissful to forget about the patriarchy, but boy there is no forgetting it now after the image of all those blondish oiled babes confronted my eyes. Serves me and my objectifying eyes right I guess.

But how good are hot water bottles? I have been taking one to bed regularly and loving the heck out of it too. And pretty regularly texting K to tell her about how much I love my hottie. Looks like Country Road love hot water bottles too. So much so they think charging $50 for a hot water bottle cover is legitimate.

I don't even buy $50 jumpers for my children from Country Road. As if I'd buy a $50 jumper for my hot water bottle. Anyway I'm pretty sure it couldn't improve on hot water bottles.

Anyway here is a hottie to ease you into the day.

Paul Newman's jumper probably didn't even cost fifty bucks. 

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