Thursday, June 11, 2015

Hot (PM)

Forget you, patriarchy. And forget you, Country Road with your $50 hot water bottle jumpers. Honestly. $50 is the same amount of money I spent on the pram I bought on eBay, which came with a wooly sleeping bag which is like a hot water bottle cover for your baby. As if,  CR. As if. 
But pictures of Paul Newman and texts from J in praise of hotties are always welcome here. 
'Here' being the space in front of my eyeballs. 
J's frequent texts about how much she loves her hottie have certainly got me in the mood for a hottie of my own, so much so that when Internet window shopping the other day I felt very tempted to buy this:

Nothing like shopping in a currency you don't understand to make you want to spend money. 
I didn't, of course. But I was tempted. 

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