Monday, June 1, 2015

Here it is (AM)

You guys! Porridge season begins today! 
Though J would say porridge ain't got no season because it's not a fruit/vegetable  and she would be technically right. But it's a true fact that porridge has no greater friend than winter, and winter begins today. When I got up it was 2 degrees. Winter! It's warmed up a little since then. 

I'm feeling strangely positive about winter this morning, which is strange, because last week I totally spat the dummy when I had to go in to the ice cold laundry to get clean underwear from the washing basket. I got all apocalyptic and feared  I wouldn't be able survive months of doing that. Today, I feel kind of good about it. The porridge. The hearty slow cooking. The electric blankets. I'm excited! 
And I should really get this porridge on the stove, so if you'll excuse me...

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