Thursday, June 4, 2015

Vegemite chocolate: the Miss Soft Crab review (AM)

When it comes to technology, no one with any interest in accuracy would call me an early adopter. I mean, I still use an iPhone 3. New things seem like too much trouble and I've no appetite for trouble. 
But when it comes to food, I am a mother flipping pioneer. I've  already decided that on my last day of work before I go on maternity leave, we're going to have a special leaving lunch of this: 

It's what The Guardian described as 'pizza or pie or neither'. It's going to be gross but maybe delicious and I can't wait.

It's also why this is in the house right now.

I'm sure you've all seen it at the supermarket. I love a bit of dairy milk and I love a smear of Vegemite, so when I saw Cadbury had brought them together I knew I had to try it. I bought it immediately and set about discovering what the total absence of fuss was about.

If I'd thought about it, I would have realised that vegechoc wouldn't be up my alley. I'm all for the pairing of salty and sweet things, but my experiments with Guinness chocolate in Ireland last year taught me that sometimes the pairing of sweet and salty tastes a little like contamination. So it goes with vegechoc. Plus, it's got a liquid centre, which makes me think of it like the dirty discarded piece of a snack chocolate bar. It's OK, but not really tasty enough to 'want' to eat.  You'd really just eat it because it's there. 

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