Thursday, October 30, 2014

No scrubs 2:0: Or, what it's like to want to eat fish and chips evenmore than I used to, which was all the time anyway. (PM)

Hey, Mate, your hair looks really good in that picture!

I guess the problem with No Scrubs 2.0 is that a) you actually are scrubbing; and b) you smell like delicious fish and chips. Mmmmmmm. Eeeeeeeewwww. 

But as long as your hair looks good and no one tries to eat you, you are still the big winner!

My hair is such a fucking mess at the moment I'm just thankful it's summer. I'm basically planning to bundle it on top of my head for the next 4 months and hope that by the time I let it out it's long enough to do something with. 

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