Monday, October 6, 2014

Dreams can come true (PM)

I had no idea that story was going to end so happily! Even though the post was called Dreams can come true. But who would dare to dream such a thing? I know I willed the ideal coat into being, but even I would never dream that something I had loved and lost in seasons past would return. That's what I would consider to be an impossible dream. But I guess impossible dreams are still dreams.
Anyway, this is a wonderful thing that has happened, and I'm very happy for J.
But, I can't like to you guys. I'm also a little jealous. Because I have an impossible dream of my own.
Once, a few years ago, I tried on a shearling jacket at Scanlan and Theodore that was truly excellent. It cost something like $900, so when I tried it on, it was purely for the fun of it. It was never a genuine prospect. But I loved it quite a lot when I tried it on. Straight away, I loved it. I run a little cold you see, and the thought of wearing what is basically a lambskin akin to those babies lie on everyday was very appealing to me. But $900 is ridiculous, so I walked away.
But I think about that jacket often. More often than I'd like to admit to. And I've been to the Scanlan and Theodore outlet many times looking for it. I've scoured ebay. But it's gone forever. I've chalked it up as an impossible dream. But, um, dreams can come true so who knows how this story will eventually play out.

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