Thursday, October 23, 2014

Something's blowing in the wind (AM)

On Monday morning after my mum read my post about the future of my wardrobe she texted me saying that she "detected the cabin fever of motherhood" and told me I should join a mothers group. She's probably right. For me, it turns out, being at home with two small children and no substantial time on my own makes think about: children; what clothes to wear; how old I suddenly look; what colours I should paint my nails if I ever have the chance to paint my nails; what exercise I can do if I ever get time to exercise; how to get time to exercise; porridge; and plants. One of the reasons I took up ballet was to try and combat the cabin fever but I think I need to be doing it more than once a week for it to have any significant effect.

It's not just my brain I have to worry about, it's you guys too. All I've written about this month is finding myself through clothes and Oprah. Sheesh, well I think I owe it to all of us to set some goals. So in the the next two weeks in the aim of expanding my mind I'm going to:

Do some Les Mills TM classes! Who's Les Mills and what does he teach, I hear you ask. Les Mills, New Zealand Olympian, former mayor of Auckland, the guy who seems to have the monopoly on group fitness classes at Yarra City gyms. He (or his son who actually owns Les Mills International) probably looks like this:

Put the word body in front of some kind of sporting action (Step! Pump! Balance!) and you've got a Les Mills class. TM. I'm sure it will be hilarious, or something, so I'm going to do it. For all of us. 

Fluoro chickens. A while ago I started drawing chickens. Then I stopped. But I'm going to start again. Maybe paint them too. 

Go somewhere new. I don't know where. God, just setting these goals is challenging enough for my dormant brain, but rest assured I'll figure out somewhere to go and then I'll go there. 

Let's hope for all of our sakes by November my brain has more to offer all of us. 

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