Monday, November 3, 2014

Worst things (AM)

Are you aware that there is a tv show called 'Dating Naked'? A guy goes on a couple of dates with a couple of ladies. And then a different lady goes on dates with a couple of dudes. And by dates I mean they meet in a rain forest somewhere and they are naked. It's so they can truly get to know each other. Or something. Then the man and the lady choose the person they preferred and they go off together into the forest, naked.

I can barely believe it is real but I've watched it and it is. I can barely believe I watched it. But I did. Only 10 minutes but that was enough to make me hate myself and the world. 

Lucky it's a public holiday tomorrow or this would be a terrible way to start the week. Let's make Wednesday a great start the week instead, 'k?

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