Sunday, October 5, 2014

Dreams can come true (AM)

While recently revisiting some of Miss Soft Crab's archive I saw this post about when K found her dream coat a couple winters ago. Remember? She and I had imagined the perfect coat for her and she basically found it the very next day, as if our very conversation had brought it into being. Of course I was happy for her and when I happened upon the post recently I wondered at the miracle that was finding that coat and, honestly, I felt a little jealous. Just at the thought of finding the item of your dreams. That happens once, maybe twice in a lifetime. Or maybe more, but not often. 

The winter after K bought that coat I rushed into a coat purchase of my own. It's a fine coat but certainly not one dreams are made of. So the question arises, how much thinking do you need to do before buying a thing?

Two summers ago I tried on a pair of bathers I was really hot for. I wanted a one piece because I only had a tatty one  and a bikini (I know, I can't believe me) but I wasn't sure if I could justify the purchase. This one piece was a great cut, nice colour, modest! Everything I was looking for, but they were $150 which is what nice bathers cost and well I thought on it too long and they passed me by. I went back and they were gone never to even see a sale rack. I thought about them often and as another summer approaches I've been wondering if I'd ever again meet a one piece I'd feel the same way about. I hoped búl, the brand of those lost bathers may provide something for me this year, but enquiries lead me to learn they were no longer doing swimwear. Woe was me. 

But then... I barely dare to speak these words...guess what opened on the weekend! A búl outlet store! Boy was I nervous when I went in and asked if they had swimwear. The answer was yes and I was more nervous still when I asked about one pieces and styles only to learn that the only ones they had were the very ones I searched for and the very price they cost was a measley $30!

K may have imagined a coat into being but I imagined some bathers back from the dead! Miracles can happen and fashion dreams really can come true!

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