Monday, October 20, 2014

Clothes: where to from here? (PM)

Pickle is a bit of an oracle when it comes to what's happening in the world of clothes. It's not just that she knows what's happening from a trend point of view, which she absolutely does, it's that she puts it in a social context that really helps me make sense of it all. I mean, we've all observed the sandals and socks thing lately, but it's only when Pickle says that fashion now is everything we thought was wrong that I can start to interpret what I'm seeing. 

Given that, maybe you should get the white leggings? But I don't know where you would wear them, and your knees might feel really claustrophobic and try and make a break for freedom.

I have no clue at all where my clothes future lies. All I know is that I came back from the UK so excited to be reunited with clothes I had been separated from only to discover that all the clothes I'd left behind are shit. I'm as clothes lost as I've ever been. 

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