Monday, October 14, 2013

When Things End (PM)

It's the pits when TV series end. And when you can't figure out what to sing when you're inside a karaoke phone app with Jesse Pinkman inside a dream. But I love that that's what you dream about, Mate.  Inception would have been a much much better film if you had made it.

The other night I dreamt that I was having breakfast with Matthew Pavlich. He was telling me that he feels so lacklustre now that the season is over, and also that he bought a new Mercedes to go with his BWM. It made him seem really pathetic. But now that I see those car names side by side I realise that my subconscious has not really moved past the 1980s when it comes to luxury vehicles, so perhaps I am the pathetic one. But the main point is that yeah, it's sad and confusing when things end. Like TV series and footy seasons. And my subconscious thinks I need Matthew Pavlich to tell me. Idiot.

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