Monday, October 7, 2013

The Wayne Carey Workout (PM)

Did you see that Billy Conelly show about the bears? Those guys have it really tough. Unless you are talking about the kind of bear that wears tops and no pants. Those guys seem to have it pretty sweet.

Speaking of the Wayne Carey ensemble it's important to note that the key to the hilarity is that Wayne Carey wasn't wearing underwear in that story. There's nothing funny about a t-shirt and socks if you've got undies on. The pyjama ensemble if champions, that is. Bare legs with a t-shirt is summer's answer to tracksuit pants. But in the Wayne Carey story some young woman walked into a hotel room where Carey sat drunk and beshirted yet pantsless on the end of his bed. Now that's funny.

You can call me old fashioned but undies are usually the first garment on and the last garment off when I'm doing any kind of dressing or undressing. I guess I don't want to know how Wayne Carey gets dressed and I sure as he'll don't want to know how he gets undressed. 

The upshot of all this is that if you weren't wearing underwear yesterday mate, kudos to you for your weird and slightly gross workout. If you were wearing undies, I'm afraid to say you were just another working out at home on washing day.  

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