Thursday, October 3, 2013

No thanks (PM)

I got that email too! But I am so used to deleting emails from Kit without even looking at them that I never got the chance to wonder whether I could put Kardashian gold all over my face and come out the other end glowing. Just quickly, the reason I delete those emails is because they always say things like "Spring is here! Shop our edit now!" and it makes me so mad that everyone says 'edit' now like it's no big thing that everyone (read: GOOP)  is saying this weird thing now.
I definitely would have wondered about the Kardashian glow, if I'd read it. You can bet your ass I would have. Never got the chance though. Until now of course. And yes, now I'm wondering a little bit.
But goddamn it, I'm just so mad at the Kardashians for doing so much damage to the letter K, the  letter of my heart, the one true letter of my life. I wish they'd just rack off K.

Whoa. I think I just discovered the tattoo I would get if I ever get a tattoo (I will never get a tattoo).
Only I think I would mash it up with one of my other favourite things, christian iconography, so it looked like Jesus was making the K sign over his sacred heart.

You know, something like this:

Yeah, I'd give that K sign the old JC treatment. What an awesome tattoo! Someone else can get it if they want, I think it needs to be seen.


  1. Did you know that courtney love and frances bean cobain both have "k" tattooed in the same place on their bodies, just below their sterna: BYE!

  2. Shit! Now I want a tattoo of JC with Kurt's face making the k simple over his sacred heart!!!!'