Monday, October 7, 2013

The Wayne Carey Workout (AM)

I like to work out regularly these days. Mainly because I have come to accept that I have the metabolism of a hibernating bear and the appetite of one of those bears standing in the river waiting for fish to jump out when they are going for a little fishy swim. It's a challenging combination, but one that I must live with, hence the need to regularly work out. Plus, all the health and wellbeing benefits of exercise, blah blah blah.
I try to go for a run every second day, and on the days I don't run, I try to walk to and from work. Look, it's no olympiad training regime, but it's more than I usually do.
Yesterday was meant to be one of my running days, so in the early afternoon I started getting ready...I put my hair up, I donned my sports underwear, I put on a t-shirt. But when it came to putting my leggings on, I was stopped short. After washing them on Saturday the little suckers were still wet. Or  damp, rather. Unwearable, basically.
Part of me was thrilled that I had an excuse to give the run a miss. But knowing that there was probably going to be hot chips in my Sunday night, I felt like I really should do some sort of exercise. And I was half dressed for exercise.
Then it hit me. I was half dressed for exercise! I was basically wearing the outfit Wayne Carey wore one of the times he got in to some trouble with the law...pants free with socks and a white t-shirt. The funniest outfit of them all! And perfect for staying home, drawing the blinds and getting high like Wayne Carey OR doing this 7 minute workout that I read about on the internet.
Also, perfect for writing about on Miss Soft Crab, because for a while there, few things amused J more than the story about pants free Wayne Carey.
So I did. I pulled on my runners and I chuckled my way through that 7 minute workout knowing that I would have looked like a massive, massive tool but that J would be amused. And after doing it a few times I got quite puffed and sweaty so I think I might do it again.

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