Thursday, October 17, 2013

Cure all (AM)

When you're feeling like a frump
And your clothes look really dumb
What do you do?
Red lipstick

When you're hair is really frizzy
And you're looking kind of shitty
What do you do?
Red lipstick

After the immediate high of discovering the comfort of 'boyfriend' jeans wore off, my blinkers came down and I realised that they actually look quite shit. Still, I can't resist wearing those comfortable little bastards. This coupled with my awful haircut, which with this stupid effing weather is always frizzy as fuck has led to more than a do you say?...days of looking shit. 

One day last week when I was wearing my unflattering baggy jeans and nature had turned my hair into a stupid hunk of frizz on my head I could barely believe I had to leave the house in that state, but then I figured out a way to fool myself and the world into thinking all the ugliness going on was a legitimate fashion choice - red lipstick. Who wears red lipstick? Fashionable women, confident women, women who are making totally legitimate fashion choices. A woman that bothers to wear bright red lipstick must care about what she looks like, right? Pairing ugly hair and jeans with super stylish lipstick must be some  kind of super stylish ironic fashion statement right? Yep? Yep!

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