Thursday, October 10, 2013

Black thumb (PM)

Ahhhhh nuts you guys. This morning I wrote a whole post about my thumbs, black as the night they are. And then that dang post didn't save. Grrrrrr. It's the worst.

It was about how I planted a bunch of ranunculus and garlic at the start of winter and all I got was a bunch of weeds. 

And one lovely flower. Poor lone rununc. 

I wrote about how all I can really grow is succulents. I made a joke,  called them succers for growing under my black thumbs. 

This guy grew from a tiny cutting. 

But it's worse to have written and lost a post than to have never written a post at all. And now I'm just like the shrivelled up corners of pots that makes up the rest of my balcony garden (not pictured).

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