Monday, October 21, 2013

Postcards from Brisbane (PM)

I gotta tell ya when I first learned about Gravity by driving past a billboard my first thought was, "Ugh, Sandra Bullock, no way I'm seeing that!" When I learned more about it my next thought was, "Two astronauts floating around in space for two hours, no way I'm seeing that!" But then with people loving it all over the place, I'm kinda curious. But it's pretty unlikely I'll see it given that I hardly ever go to the movies and as if I would opt for Gravity while Rush is on.

You know, 'cause Mondonna worked on the music!

I've never been to Brisbane. I'm kind of curious though. LB spent some of his formative years there so I should try it some time I guess. I have been to the Gold Coast a bunch of times though which is right near Wet'N'Wild and LB and I always talk about going, but we never do. Pussies. Now Baby is around it will be years before he is tall enough for that scary shit. I made LB read this morning's post to me as I drove us to work, apart from his colourful addition of sexual innuendo throughout, his reading was also full of the sadness of us never going to Wet'N'Wild but he had a rough weekend so I'm hoping he'll get over it soon.

So how effing creepy is Dr Drew? If I had a sex addiction he is the last person I would want to talk to about it. On the other hand, maybe he would cure me of it instantly. Creep.

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