Wednesday, October 10, 2012

WTF Wednesday (PM)

WTF country Victoria?! Whale's don't blow. They effing rule! I can only assume, Mate, that you are not in coastal Victoria. Only an inland motel would hate on whales. Because they are jealous, I guess.

Twice I have seen whale's off Torquay. At Winkipop to be precise, which is right next to Bells Beach. You know, Bells Beach, Australia. Where the 100-year storm comes and kills Bodhi.

Anyway if you don't want to die like Bodhi, you surf at Winki, not Bells. And if you are the girlfriend of a surfer you stand around not surfing and getting chiko rolls for your boyf and if you are really lucky you see a whale. And it effing rules. Even if they do swim way out and you can barely see them and all you have to know it's really a whale is the occasional different movement of water.  Gee, whales, why are you such a tease. Maybe you do blow.

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