Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday Favourites - Supergrass (AM)

So K has brought up Supergrass a few times lately (to me, not you guys) and that reminded me, HEY! I effing love that band. In the year 2000, not long after the album Supergrass came out,  I worked at this small, awful juice bar (how early '00s are juice bars?! I got a Boost juice the other day and I pretty much thought it was 2001) and I remember really vividly this day when Supergrass were playing in Melbourne and for some reason I didn't get tickets and the (awesome) song 'Mary' came on the radio and well... regrets, I've got a few.

I recently introduced Baby to Supergrass. First we watched the video for 'Pumping on the Stereo'. A lot. But when Baby started talking about how he wanted to add "taking my head off" to his dance moves repertoire I thought we just keep moving. That's when I showed him the clip for 'Alright'. And after watching that 15 times I realised that Supergrass would have to be this week's Friday Favourite! Yes, it was listening to those great songs that made me think that, but it was also something in Gaz's adorable doofusy face too.

Do I feel weird that our last Friday Favourite was a British band of the late 90s/early 2000s? Yes! A little bit. But what can I say, I guess at that time in England someone was putting some really good shit in the water.

So why are Supergrass so good? Only because they wrote awesome rock 'n' roll that sounds like they were having the best time ever and then makes you have the best time ever!

Plus, do you know how hard it was to chose a clip to finish this with? Really hard. Know why? Cause so many songs are winners! Most of them. I love the song 'Mary' so much, but to be honest that clip is a little creepy and this is the AM post after all so let's just keep things light, shall we? And get this weekend started off right! Let's go back to where things started. For me anyway. And for this post. Alright!

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