Wednesday, October 10, 2012

WTF? Wednesday (AM)

From time to time, I have to go on the road for work. 
It usually involves driving around to a bunch of places in regional Victoria, having a bunch of meetings and eating a bunch of foccacias.

I kind of love it. Talking to people about their stuff is pretty much one of my favourite things, and the countryside is so pretty at the moment:

I didn't take that photo, but it looks just like this. 

The highlight is also the amusing things one sees when in country Victoria. 

Hotel toilets that look like this:

No one's buying that. 
Pub menus that look like this:
I hope you all stayed with that to the end. 

But this time, the 'art' on the wall in the hotel room really takes the cake.
Check it out:

WTF guy? Why do you hate whales so much? 

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