Monday, October 15, 2012

Who the eff is Ryan Reynolds?! (PM)

I wish we didn't have to bring RyRey to our blog, but I know that these are the posts we had to have. This guy is not now, and never will be a hunk, and as usual MSC must speak up for the women in their thirties who can't stop thinking about hunks and who know that this man, he is not a hunk.
I ache for the young ones who will grow up thinking otherwise. As far as I am concerned, this guy's name appears immediately after the name Bradley Cooper in the file of evidence supporting the idea that people do not know a hunk from Adam anymore and maybe, just maybe, we have reached Peak Hunk.

I don't want to post a photo of RyRey you guys. I won't do it! Instead, here is some wisteria and a miniature rose and a man on a bike in the last of yesterday's afternoon sun.

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