Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Possum Magic (AM)

Yesterday, The Age ran an article about how some people (the fun police!) want to put a bunch of possums on birth control because they are "destructive, costly, dirty pests". These people want to get rid of possums and think that birth control is a more humane way of controlling their numbers than wasting them.
Readers: I do not feel good about wasting possums, but I feel even worse about putting them on birth control.  Governments absolutely do not belong in the bedrooms of possums. Who are we to interfere with their fuzzy wuzzy reproductive rights? No one, that's who. 
I'll tell you what I do like, though.
The picture that ran with the story. 

Have you ever seen such a lusty marsupial in your life?  This little guy is almost literally gagging for it.
And his/her face perfectly illustrates why putting possums on birth control is a terrible idea. Possums are just going to do what comes naturally to possums, and no 28 day cycle of Brenda or Dianne or whatever they call the possum pill is going to change that. There's always going to be one little possum who forgot to take her pill that morning, or who got a tummy bug after eating some bad Lily Pilly and before you know it, bam! Baby possums. It only takes one time you guys. And that's just how it should be.
Go get em, possums!

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