Tuesday, October 2, 2012

What the eff is BB cream? (PM)

Seriously what the eff is BB cream?

I read this article by Zoe Foster a few months ago about BB cream and after reading it I still had no idea what eff they were. In fact before I saw that article I'd never even heard of it, so after the article I felt even more ignorant than before. Sure, I get that it is are a belbish balm. But what the eff? Why is BB cream so special? If ZoFo sings the praises of a product I usally own that product within about 45 minutes. But I guess she is not that into BB cream so I didn't pay that much attention. But a cream that makes you look better in one go is a cream for me. Even though I don't wear foundation and would actually probably hate BB cream.Man, belbish balm cream is confusing!

I guess I would like to try BB cream for free. And so if K could just remember which magazine that free sample was in well, that would be great?

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