Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wayward Wednesday - A Miss Soft Crab once off (PM)

Whoa! Wayward Wednesday! I was not expecting that! 

I was totally expecting K to write about Thermomix. I certainly was not expecting that post to end with a picture of Ewan! And I was definitely not expecting Baby to see that picture of Ewan and say 'Daddy?'  I told him it wasn't but he was pretty adamant. 'That's Ewan McGregor,' I told him to which he replied 'I think it's Daddy.' And geez you can only argue with a 2-year-old so long before you have to let him win.

What I have learnt from Wayward Wednesday is that:

  • Holy Muthereffing moly I have never wanted to be a millionaire as much as I do right now!
  • I want to eat the heck out of one of those 'shortbreads'
  • Baby has a new daddy  (Sorry, LB)

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