Friday, June 23, 2017

Transit days are the worst

When you're travelling, transit days are the worst. The days you're going from one place to the next with all your bags.
Today we traveled from Lake Biwa to Tokyo, via two normal trains and one Shinkansen. 

My day started like this.


At 6am, gazing across the tatami at the sight of KB's pudgy little arm cuddling his Cookie Monster toy (not pictured). 

The hours between then and now have involved a lot of tears, a lot of confusion and a lot of inadvertent pissing people off with our huge load of stuff and our general cluelessness. It's also really hot. At one point I stopped by a bubbler in a park to have a sip of water but instead got a powerful jet of water squirted straight into my eyeball. It would have looked totally hilarious but I couldn't appreciate it because it hurt so much .
But now we are at our beautiful airbnb in ebisu with this shit hot view across the city.


I've got a belly full of delicious ramen and as soon as KB is in bed I'm going to sit on that balcony and have a convenience store beer. 
I may have lost the Cookie Monster toy at some point on the journey but heck, we made it. 

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