Monday, June 26, 2017

Bruce who?

Here's an interesting fact: when I started typing 'Bruce' into my phone internet browser it first offered up 'Bruce Springsteen' (fair enough) then 'Bruce (electorate of New Zealand' which surprised me because I was looking for Bruce Willis and the fact that Safari thought I was more interested in an electorate of NZ than Bruce Willis really made me feel my age. I guess people don't really care about Bruce Willis anymore. In fact I don't either and I was only googling him because Instagram suggested some woman called Emma Hemingway Willis who had all these photos of Bruce in her feed and I initially thought she must be some lesser known daughter from some unknown wife he had before Demi until I realised that she wasn't his daughter at all. She was his wife. His daughter aged wife. Then I decided to read Bruce's Wikipedia page until I realised I knew everything I needed to know about Bruce Willis, including how old I am for bothering. Ugh.

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