Tuesday, June 27, 2017

This day in Tokyo

It's a super late post today crab fans. And that's because I wanted to take you through a typical day of our Japan holiday. I was going to do it in real time, progressively updating the same post but wifi is surprisingly hard to find.  So it's basically a retrospective of what the K family did today, our second last day in Tokyo. 
Let's begin!
After waking up at about 6am, going through the rigmarole of breakfasting, showering and and packing snacks for the day, we made it out of the house at about 8am. 
First stop, a park.
Or actually, not so much a park as a slide out the front of some apartment building.  But KB didn't care. He owned that slide for about half an hour, by which time the coffee shop I like opened. So next, we did this:
What fine looking brews. So that was Kb taken care of. Just jokes. He's just a baby and can't have coffee, other than when he grabs our empty cups when we're not looking and has the dregs. Those are difficult days. 
Anyway, all dosed up on coffee, we headed for the station.
We hopped on the train and headed for the famous fish market everyone raves about. The action at the market starts about 5:30am, but as if we were doing that. But the market was still going at 10am when we got there and we saw lots of fruits de mer. 
People talk about how amazing it is that it doesn't smell at all like fish.  I was all prepared to be unimpressed by that, but it's hard to be. I mean, I've been to bakeries that have a stronger fishy smell.'
We are some sashimi, utterly delicious,  not pictured. 

Next stop, the robot park in Roppongi Hills.

This park has superior slide choice, which is well up KB's alley. Here is is riding a robot, but with his face replaced with a drawing of a tomato. 

By this time it was about 1pm and while we had plans to go to the art galleries and shops around Roppongi Hills, KB's tolerance levels indicated this would not be a good idea. This is basically the key insight from our trip. Though Japan is full of wonders, there is no no in them if KB is in no mood. And much like my approach to navigation using Google maps which involves frequently reorienting the map to my current position so I know the blue dot and I are singing the same tune, revisiting the KB mood is a prudent step on the path of mutual enjoyment. 

We decided to go to shibuya to do a little shopping. I bought sunglasses and Appleheart bought a backpack (and the same sunglasses as me because I'm cool 😎).

Next stop, a park with an octopus where the tentacles are slides.



This brought us up to 4pm, which is holdiay dinnertime. 
We went to a ramen place and has the second best ramen noodles of my life. 
Not pictured. 
This is what was left after the frenzy of eating before KB lost it. 
Basically every meal is consumed the way Cookie Monster eats cookies.
Here's what was left...

With full bellies, clear hearts (can't lose), we marched home. Right now Appleheart is trying to wear Kb out before bed time. 

After that will be snacks, biru/whiskey and then bed at about 8:45pm.

It's a wonderful time. 

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