Friday, June 9, 2017

Got milk

Yesterday, J sent me a message to say that a friend of a friend of hers grew up next to the Hemswoths. 
Here they are introducing their fourth brother on SNL. LOL.
Anyway, naturally that got me thinking about the Hemsworths and frankly, I enjoyed that. I sent the following message to J.


Only I didn't. I accidentally sent it to my Mum instead, who had just texted me to say she bought milk. 

When I realised my mistake, J and I had a good chuckle. 


Later, when I saw my Mum, I told her what had it was a message meant for Jen in response to some information about the Hemsworths. She laughed and said she'd wondered what that was all about. 

Moments later, she said "That is quite hot".

Those Hemsworths sure do got it. 

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