Monday, June 5, 2017

Kudos to those guys

Appleheart is away at the moment and so I am getting a small taste of what it would be like to be a solo parent. In summary: not very fudging easy.

Looking after KB is a job that is evenly shared in our house. Appleheart drops KB off at childcare, I pick him up. Each of us works four days a week so we can have a day with KB.  And my Mum does the rest. LOL. Not really, she actually does heaps of stuff for us. Thanks Mum! 

I've been going around thinking that everything is evenly shared and anticipating that in his absence, i'd just have to pull a double shift of all the KB stuff. Turns out that Appleheart does a whole bunch of stuff to keep the household ticking over that I don't even notice. The house looks like a teenage boy's room since he's been gone. He must be constantly picking up after me. What a swell guy.

Apart from the mess, I can tell the KB is getting pretty fed up with me. I thought he would love it, because he's going through a bit of a Mummy phase. But the way to cure a mummy phase is to pack your time
with wall to wall Mummy. That will shut things down pretty quickly. That, and be a Mummy that makes a child leave the park before s/he is ready. I'm pretty sure the sound of KB's screams as we left got me put on a list somewhere. 

KB is home on Thursday, and I'll be glad for lots of reasons. He's in London, and I didn't hear from him til late afternoon yesterday. Even though he was at Borough Market yesterday, I wasn't worried because I knew he wouldn't stay after the cheese sandwich shop closed for the day. Also, when I didn't hear from him I thought to myself if I was in London on a warm Saturday night, away from my family, what would I be doing? I'd be sleeping. And sleeping people seldom respond to texts. And so it was. 

Anyway, single parents are strong as hell, as the theme music from The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt would say. Please come home Appleheart. 

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