Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Oh life

Sounds like K is really nailing her trip to Tokyo. All that ramen and biru and appeasing her small child by going to parks. That's about as good as a family holiday gets. And that's pretty good I reckon. Me? I know how to have a good time too! Last year when the Warhol and Wei Wei exhibition was on I did all my work at night for a few days so that when Newbie was at childcare I could go and enjoy it on my own. And boy was it worth it. I really enjoyed that day and the exhibition. I've been working nights this week too so I could free up today. You know why? So I could clean the shit out of the house before school holidays so that all the mess that happens in the school holidays doesn't give me a nervous breakdown. When I finish writing this I'm going to go and clean out the linen closet so that it looks like a bunch of folded linen when I open it rather than a pile of fabrics shoved in where it can not fit. Then I hope to clean the rest of the house. Hopefully Little Bean will have a really big sleep so I can accomplish a lot. Oh sure I probably won't ever get the Van Gogh exhibition no matter how many nights I spend doing my work but at least I may keep my sanity (unlike Van Gogh - badoomcha!)

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