Thursday, May 25, 2017

Late week update

Hey guys! I know that you are gagging to know how turning my life around is going. So I'm going to tell you! It's going pretty shit guys, pretty shit indeed! On the plus side I've realised that I was just a fool to believe I could get out of bed before 6am to go to the gym on a regular day. The kids' sleeping is rubbish right now and, therefore, my sleeping is rubbish and I'm so exhausted in the middle of the day I think adding an early am workout could break me. I think I may be getting sick and I ran out of iron tablets a couple of weeks ago and I'm probably pinning way to many hopes on the idea that buying more iron tablets will improve things. 

You have to believe I'm not making excuses. I'm not. I've given up on that pipe dream of early gym for now and decided to turn my life around by working at night and then enjoying my days and working out at a reasonable hour when I can.  Oh sure this new plan for turning my life around has so far been as successful as the initial early workout plan but it definitely feels more feasible. How about I go get some more iron tablets and we'll check in with my great new life once they've kicked in. 

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