Monday, May 8, 2017


I've decided to be very positive about the week ahead, which is why I've labelled this post Monyay!
That term is no more or less ridiculous than Friyay, but certainly more unexpected, and therefore annoys me less. 
I had a fun weekend that involved eating  Carmella Soprano inspired baked ziti for dinner on Friday, then a night at AB's beach house sans children on Saturday. It was pretty wonderful. We basically just ate and drank and sat in front of the open fire. Some of my favourite quotes include:
"If she is so wealthy, then she can pay for her own hysterectomy" and
"Yeah, well she drives a Kia Carnevale".
It rained a lot and sure enough, a rainbow emerged.
I sensed a golden opportunity. 
It's only moderately amusing now, but it brought the house down on Saturday.
Have a good Monyay!  

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