Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Assorted dreams addressed

K's post yesterday was a little confusing, am I right? Like, it was called 'Assorted dreams' so at first I thought she dreamed she saw disgraced wellness blogger Belle Gibson at Northcote pool and dreamed she'd been saying Mandarin wrong all her life. But I think those things are K's reality.

So, yeah it would totally suck to be recognised anywhere as a disgraced anything, but if you're going to go out and court fame, that's totally on you, Belle Gibson. It's not like poor old Schapelle Corby who never courted fame but just innocently took a giant bag full of marijuana into Indonesia, got caught and now after serving her time is not only being recognised but followed. Seriously world, who gives a shit. Let the woman be.

Mate, if you've been saying Mandareen instead of Mandarin, you're right. You've been saying it wrong.

That John Le Carre meets Raider of the Lost Arc dream sounds cool.

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