Tuesday, May 16, 2017

A final word on mothers' day.

I noticed all that social media outpouring of emotion on Mothers' day too, and I don't care for it. Stop banging on about how much you love your mother, we're not the ones you have to convince. Plus, much like our justice system's presumption of innocence until proven guilty, I operate under the presumption of mother love unless you tell me otherwise (which is totally fine, some Mothers are duds and one doesn't have to love a dud), so going on about it on mothers' day only makes you look guilty. 
Obviously I seem like a total hypocrite because I devote a lot of MSC column space to going on about my mum, and I suppose I have a complicated relationship with her. Remember that time she told me that I didn't have to pay her for looking after KB once a week, I just had to wash my hair more often? That's what I mean. But it's a complicated relationship for all seasons, not just May. 
Here's a recent text from my mum that I enjoyed. 

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