Monday, May 1, 2017

Let the robots do the work

When I first heard about those little robot vacuum cleaners that move around your house on their own vacuuming I have to say, I pretty much thought they were bullshit. "Just vacuum!" I thought. "How good a suction can they really have?" I thought. Oh boy. Those are the thoughts I had before I tried one in my own house. I'd seen one in action and it did seem pretty effective but it wasn't until I got one home for a few days on loan that my mind was opened to the miraculous possibilities of life with Roomba. After having one at home for a few days all I could think about was getting one permanently. But the cheapest model Roomba is nearly $600 and we are always talking about buying a Dyson, which  is bigger and seems like a more sensible purchase and costs just a little more than that and AS IF I'M SPENDING 600 DOLLARS ON A VACUUM ROBOT! But oh my god guys, the magic of it. The magic. You tidy up and then instead of vacuuming you just put on Roomba and go tidy in another room. Do you know how good that feels? On the rare occasions I clean the bedrooms it is even rarer that I get to actually vacuum because by the time the cleaning is done I always ALWAYS have to go pick up Baby from school. But with Roomba you just PUT IT ON THEN LEAVE THE HOUSE! Some people, when I rave about Roomba, say "Yeah, but you still have to pick stuff up before you put it on." Yes, but then YOU DONT HAVE TO DO THE VACUUMING! What is wrong with people?!?!

Thank God LB is worse than me with money. A few weeks ago when I was sick in bed and asked him to take the children away he went to Myer where they were having a sale and bought a Roomba. And my life is exactly as good as I knew it would be. Which is to say I still have almost the same amount of boring woes and chores but the house is so much cleaner, the carpet particularly.

Now I'm as nervous about the singularity as the next guy, but sheesh, if it means robot cleaners I guess my fears are in conflict with my desire to do things other than clean and now I'm not exactly how I feel about anything. Exact I'm sure I love Roomba with all my heart.