Thursday, July 23, 2015

News of the week

You may be wondering what the hell happened on Monday afternoon. Y'all must have been on tenterhooks wondering what K had to say about Next Blog. Did she give it a whirl and find some little weirdos sharing their lives? Or did she just want to reflect on the guy in the airport? But she never posted. Wow it's  as if she didn't even care what the world of next blog had to offer her.

Well for a long time Miss Soft Crab was the most important crab in K's life. I assume. But now she has her own little crab to tend to and he's a tiny little critter demanding all her attention. So please excuse us for a couple of weeks while K figures out what's going on and I take a hard(ly)-earned break from this hard blog slog. Come back in a couple of weeks for a highly refreshed me and a likely delirious K. Or news of a hiatus extension. Who knows what's going to happen. But rest assured readers we'll be back soon enough.

Congratulations Mate!

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