Monday, July 20, 2015

Next blog 2015 (AM)

Remember next blog? Way back in the early days of Miss Soft Crab I was curious about where the Internet would take me if I hit that button on the top bar of MSC that says Next Blog. What I found was a bunch of boring people talking about their families and a bunch of other people talking about food.

I started thinking about it again during the week when someone said to me "You know how we talk about all this mundane stuff, do you know some people talk about it on the Internet?!" Oh the naïveté of a person new to Instagram and that does clearly not read blogs. Or write them. Ahem. "Do they?" I asked. And although I'd like to think I don't write about the same boring shit I talk to people about, like cleaning the house and putting children to bed and what I'm going to do with my life, I know that's not really true. Half the time I wish I wasn't even talking about that boring stuff.

So it got me wondering whether hitting Next Blog would bring me the same annoying content Instagram is always trying to shove in me face: uncluttered houses and mothers baking and drinking wine and struggling and loving it and  all that rubbish. That's basically what she was talking about. People complain-bragging about their life on the Internet. I wondered if blogs had followed Instagram so far that this lifestyle thing would be overwhelming in the same way food blogs were when I first went exploring in 2011. So it was that last night for the first time in a long time I hit Next Blog. 

Things seemed to have changed in blogs, but not as you'd expect. At first the blogs I came across seemed more interesting, weirder and funnier. The first one I came across was by a guy who draws little cartons and takes photos, including some darling ones of his snow covered backyard and a pig with a snowy chin. 

The second was by a guy who, among other things, recounted 8 hours he'd spent in a Florida airport over night because, as far as I could tell, he did not want to pay the exorbitant late night shuttle bus fees to get to town. Suck it up bro. Seriously. This guy was quite funny, but then you really have to wonder about his life choices. I mean he just walked around na airport for eight hours. Because he didn't want to pay for a shuttle.

Although that might sound boring it wasn't really and it kind of got my hopes up for what would come next. But sadly things became completely monotone after that. It was just beer blog after beer blog. Mainly by guys with beards I guess. So I guess blogs have followed Instagram fashions, but not quite how I'd expected. And the weird funny blogs are still few and far between. Lucky you guys have already found Miss Soft Crab. My verdict is, you may as well stay here, 'cause Next Blog got not much for ya.

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