Monday, July 13, 2015

Surviving the Antarctic vortex (AM)

When the news started going on about the Antarctic vortex weather pattern that was coming our way this past weekend, I responded in two ways.
First, I freaked out because I tend to run pretty cold and the words Antarctic and Vortex sound very very cold to me. I wondered how the eff I would manage to stay warm and comfortable in an Antarctic vortex when I have about five items of clothing that I still fit into and only one of them would be anywhere near appropriate for an Antarctic vortex.
Then, perhaps as evidence of my growing maturity (or my difficulty giving a shit about anything that doesn't relate to my current life-stage) I thought hang on a cold are we talking here? When I looked at the forecast my attitude changed from fearful to smug. The Antarctic vortex was going to bring weather of between 5 and 13 degrees.
Sure, that's effing cold. But it's also the kind of rubbish Melbourne weather we get every single winter. It lasts a few days, then it gets better. Perhaps we have two or three waves of it, then it gets better.
So what we're dealing with here is Melbourne media's tendency to go apeshit over a little bit of entirely season-appropriate weather. It really cheeses me off, the way they do that. Getting through winter is no picnic. It is literally, no picnic. And being told that some terrifyingly named weather patter is in its way just makes it harder.
So shut-up media. We're all doing the best we can, and you're not helping.
But on a positive note, last night's ABC news kept showing footage of a samoyed running in the snow and very clearly loving life, which was very nice to see. It's the perfect weather for those guys!

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